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Practitioners’ wellbeing

Practitioners’ wellbeing

There seems to be a growing interest in creative and holistic practices as a way to release stress and enhance wellbeing.

It is my experience as a counsellor that balancing out personal and professional life is essential to my own wellbeing. Active listening and attending to other people’s needs as part of our professional role can at times lead us to lose track of our own needs, and to forget to use our own resources to stay in balance.  Time to recuperate and attend to my own wellbeing has become an essential part of my daily routine.

In 2012 I carried out an experiential research project with counsellors and psychotherapists about the use of movement and creativity to prevent burn-out from emotional fatigue. As a result, I developed ‘The Art of Listening Within’, a structured wellbeing programme made of an initial workshop and follow up sessions. Please click link below for further information.

In more recent years, I became interested in the practice of yoga and in traditional and holistic ways to understand my own wellbeing. There is no doubt that a nurturing environment can support us to reconnect with our natural rhythm, feel more in control of our energy and find ways to let go of the workday and nurture ourselves. ‘Seasonal Gatherings’, a series of six workshops spread out through the year, aims at deepening our connection between our own rhythm and the cycle of nature. Please click link below for further information.

I also offer 1:1 (ad hoc) wellbeing mentoring sessions for practitioners of the helping professions and bespoke workshops and groupwork for organisations.

The Art of Listening Within

Being part of a caring community of practitioners where insights and resources are shared can support the commitment to our own wellbeing.

The Art of Listening Within’ is a structured programme for practitioners working in the helping professions. It consists of:

  • A stand-alone workshop, which can also serve as an introduction to on-going groupwork
  • Monthly thematic groupwork

All sessions are 90 minutes long and they are facilitated within a small group. We use movement and creative media to let go, relax, re-energise and build up resources for wellbeing. No artistic skills or a specific level of fitness are required – everybody’s welcome!

Following the introductory workshop, the themes and number of the remaining sessions are decided together. Please note that these are not drop-in classes and that a commitment to attend all sessions, at least in principle, is expected.

All sessions are in Methven and new groups will be starting every few months. If you are interested, please get in touch with your preferred day and time and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

Next workshop: Thursday 7th March 2024 (6:30 pm – 8 pm), Methven (venue details provided on booking)

Please get in touch for further details and booking.

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Seasonal Gatherings

This is a new series of six workshops spread out through the year to support us tune in with the rhythm of the natural world, build resources and use creativity to build and share seasonal wellbeing practices.

We will be meeting in Methven on Sundays afternoon from 2 pm until 5 pm. The venue for each workshop will be provided on booking.

Spring gathering: Sunday 14th April 2024 

Early Summer gathering: Sunday 2nd June 2024 (tbc)

Summer gathering: Sunday 14th July 2024 (tbc)

Late Summer gathering: Sunday 1st September 2024 (tbc)

Autumn gathering: Sunday 20th October 2024 (tbc)

Winter Gathering: Sunday 26th January 2025 (tbc)

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One-to-one Mentoring
At times it can be helpful to have a bit of guidance and a ‘witness’ or a ‘companion’ when we commit to our own journey toward optimum wellbeing. Individual sessions provide one-to-one attention and tend to focus on a specific question which you may have about your own wellbeing or an area you would like to explore and build strategies and resources on.

Themes like recuperation time, letting go and feeling in control may be explored to give a sense of balance within professional life.

These are ad hoc sessions which can be booked when the need arises. A support plan to take with you may be agreed in sessions.

Bespoke Workshops and Groupwork

‘The Art of Listening Within’ can be facilitated for organisations either as a stand-alone workshop or as an on-going group, in your workplace or at a venue mutually agreed.

I also provide thematic and bespoke workshops and groupwork for organisations on all aspects of wellbeing, both in person and on-line.

If you are interested, please get in touch to explore this further.